Apartment Hotel in mejiro street Ⅰ

Photo : Satoshi Shigeta

目白通りのアパートメントホテル Ⅰ

築27年のビル をリノベーションし、アパートメントホテルへとリニューアルする計画。







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Apartment Hotel in mejiro street Ⅰ

This project is to update office buildings to hotels. This building was built 27 years ago.

Steel-framed building located along Mejiro-street does not hold the heat insulation performance outer wall, with large size single glass.

Also the noise of the car running along the main road disturb this rooms.

Therefore by covering the wall with 'Screen with heat insulation and sound insulation' we tried to improve performance as a living space.

By covering the glass surface with multilayered polycarbonate, an air layer can be formed between itself and the outer wall surface It was made to

have a cross-sectional performance like a pair glass was installed.

Also facing the southeastern side, the incident amount of sunlight is also large.

Adjusting sunlight and set up a blind as a screen to cut the external gaze.

The wall surface and the ceiling surface as a plasterer finish express natural light, its becomes more delicate Shadings intended to appear.

Natural light got through blinds and multilayer polycarbonateIt make various expressions of lights in this space throughout the day.